2023 June Update

Open Homes V2!

The new open homes module brings improved designs and accuracy! 

We highly recommend for everyone to switch to Open homes v2, follow these instructions:

Log into dripflow click ‘Graphics’ (in the left side panel) > Open homes v2 > select your template.

Calendar View

Gives you the ability to schedule content & provides a holistic overview of current and previous posts.

Dynamic Schedule Builder

Build a custom weekly schedule using listing, OFI & review placeholders.
We will shortly be adding additional placeholders including: Articles, clearance rates.

Important Note

If you add dynamic listing placeholders, be sure to switch posting intervals to calendar in your post settings. To do this click 'Settings' (left side bar) > Post Settings > Posting Intervals: Select Calendar & press save.

Content Library

For individuals / independents: Upload content with post text to pre-plan and use at a later time.

For Teams: + Use the content library to share content to other office / individual agent accounts.

Brand / Multi Office admin tools

Seamlessly share content to the whole network as well as quickly log into an individual users account to perform actions.

Interested in learning more about brand / multi-office admin tools? Reach out to us via hello@

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Dripflow Feature Recap:

What's coming next?


Just a quick reminder that Dripflow.io is currently under planned maintenance. Some features may not be available during this process.

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